Ubuntu 11, My review

In the past I have attempted to switch over to Linux numerous times. I believe I have tried many different distributions, including Ubuntu.

Every time I tried switching over to from Windows I would find my self back in Windows within several days or in the best case scenario within couple of week’s. Today I have decided to take the leap again, and try Linux once more.

At first I downloaded the Ubuntu image from their site, burned it on a CD, restarted my computer, installed the software – only to find out that it wouldn’t boot! what a frustrating feeling! I have spent over 4 hours creating partitions, downloading, burning and installing a software only to find out that it wouldn’t bot when I start the computer.

I did some more research on-line, and I found out that Ubuntu offers windows installation, at first I was a bit skeptic. I thought to my self that it would probably install some virtual OS within my Windows op oration system, and that’s not what I was looking for. Anyhow, i decided to give it a try anyway. I download the installation file, ran it, and to my surprise it modified the MBR and installed Ubuntu without any hassle.

Now I have got Ubuntu installed, and so far  I am enjoying it very much.  I will keep you updated on my progress with Linux, and hopefully I will be able to fully switch over this time.